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Hello friends,

It’s Drew Hunthausen, the No Excuses Blind Guy. Thank you so much for your interest in supporting me and this important cause. Working together we really can change the world by giving more challenged athletes like me the opportunity to participate in sports.

Come On In…

Join Team Drew!
One blind swimmer, a biker, and a runner, along with his talented guides with hundreds of challenging miles to traverse.
It is a journey dedicated to all challenged athletes.
Swimming, cycling, and running to make a difference one stroke, one pedal, and one step at a time.


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Each year I take on some challenging triathlon and biking events to support two wonderful non-profits, The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) and the Blind Stokers Club. Both of these organizations play an important part in making life accessible for those with disabilities.

CAF has helped thousands of athletes, even para-Olympians, with wheel chairs, prosthetics, and other costly specialized equipment previously unavailable to these disabled individuals. I am one of those whom they have helped get started.

The Blind Stokers Club’s mission is to pair up blind riders with sighted captains to enable them to enjoy the sport of cycling. Finding good tandem bikes for those who need them is also part of their mission. They have been instrumental in my journey as well.

The money raised from fundraising efforts helps allow them to continue their life changing work. Please join me on my journey in helping provide a brighter future for the physically challenged. See below for how you can help.

The Back Story

In 1998 at age 11, life changed drastically when I contracted Bacterial Meningitis and spent 3 months in a coma. The Meningitis left me totally blind, hearing impaired, and unable to even sit up on my own.

The Doctors told my family that I would either die or be a vegetable on a feeding tube for the rest of my life, but God had other plans for me. I not only survived, but went on to graduate from California State University Long Beach, become an motivational speaker, bestselling author, and a triathlete. It’s been quite a journey!

I am now taking the next step of giving back to some of the organizations that have helped me along the way, and influenced my life in so many positive ways.

How You Can Help

Periodically I will let you know about a specific fundraiser I am doing. In October, 2018 I will again be participating in the Million Dollar Challenge bike ride for CAF.

My goal is to raise $4000. Here is a link directly to CAF and my personal donation page. CAF is a 501c3 non-profit, so I am told your donations are tax deductible.

To learn more about the Blind Stokers club and support them, go to

My friends, I want to thank you again for your interest and support. I can’t imagine taking this journey alone. Each one of you plays a vital role in my success and that of other challenged athletes.

Whether or not you choose to donate now, please Click to join #TeamDrew and stay in touch with me as I continue my journey.

“No Excuses Blind Guy – Motivational Speaker”

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